Anyone know how Kootenai Health in CDA is?

  1. I have an interview up in CDA for kootenai Health's critical care program. Does anyone much about the hospital or environment? If you dont want to post in this thread toss me a PM I would appreciate it a lot!
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    Not sure if this reply is coming far too late. But I've worked at Kootenai Medical Center for 3.5 years as an aide and am now working as an RN. KMC is a good place to work. Job security is huge! Although Idaho is a "Right to Work State," they take very good care of their employees. It's not a huge hospital, but it's not exactly rural either. But I can say with confidence that KMC is a great place to work. Of course their are several factors including department and the staff you work with, but all in all-I'd recommend applying! Hope this helps!
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