Anybody else stressed out?

  1. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl and now that I am working at getting into the nursing program I have found out that it is really competitive. I didn't realize so many people were trying to get into nursing. The classes aren't what's really stressing me out. I just stress out at the thought of getting a B and blowing my chance of getting into the program. It has been a life long desire of mine to become a nurse and I can't express how heart broken I would be if I don't get in. It's the thought of 'What if I don't get in?' that just haunts me. Is this normal? Anyone else feel the same way?
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  3. by   OpenHeartLPN
    Hey how are ya. What program are you applying for at CWI?
  4. by   shesham
    I am going to apply for the RN next spring. How about you?
  5. by   OpenHeartLPN
    I am in the LPN program now.

    I highly recommend that you apply for the program this fall. Last semester there were less than 100 aps, because everyone wants to hold out for the RN. There were over 500 aps for the RN "yeowch". As I said in your other chain, the new nursing head is planning on making a 30 seat bridge, coupled with the lpn shaving off 1 year of RN classes, and at the end of your first semester you can take the CNA certificate test and get some work experience under your belt even if its only a couple hours a week, the lpn program is a great back door to your RN around here. If you stick with RN plan make sure you have chemistry done. I know it isn't listed on site as a pre-req, but I'm pretty sure they made a pre-req.
  6. by   shesham
    Yeah, I had chem. back in High School, but I am taking it to bump up the grade I got back then. It will be a good refresher for me.
  7. by   ggmugsy
    I hated that feeling that if I got a "B" I wouldn't make it in. I tried to focus on learning the material to the best of my ability and the grade worked itself out. To me, A&P & micro really form the basis of the work I want to do for the rest of my life. That's where I had to focus . . . kept me - somewhat - sane.

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