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Hi everyone,

I'd appreciate your input as to whether the following situation sounds commonplace or crazy. I work in LTC and am eager to get back into hospital nursing to get more nursing skills. I just had an interview with a local rural hospital ICU and am wondering if this is getting in over my head. They are very eager for me to work there, but I've had only a few months med surge exp a few years ago. As this is a rural ICU they get everything "cradle to grave." I have no peds experience at all. The training time is six weeks and they give you a thick book for home study. I asked if you are counted as regular staff while on orientation and was told "I'd like to tell you that doesn't happen, but..." I asked if this can happen on your first week there and was told the same thing. There is only one doc in house, and you need to call the patient's doc in if anything comes up. Some of these patients are on vents. I don't think I have enough experience for this area - especially to learn assessments and meds for infants and peds. Does this sound like too short a training time to learn this stuff? How long are the orientations in your ICU's? Thanks!

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Our orientation is only a week but staff are never left to work alone and there is a 6 month training program that all ICU staff go through. This program is 1/2 of a Grad certificate and all staff are encouraged to complete the certificate. We even supply bursuries and grants for those wishing to complete the full 2 year graduate diploma - and this is just in Adult ICU.


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Thanks Gwenith for your insight. Sounds like this isn't the place for me.


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Thanks Gwenith for your insight. Sounds like this isn't the place for me.

Remember that just because an employer will put you in a situation, does not mean that it's right or appropriate. It's your license on the line. If you really want/need to take this job, make sure you force them to agree to a certain period of orientation. If they want you enough they'll accomodate your needs. And most importantly...GET IT IN WRITING!!! Don't let some desperate nurse manager fix her staffing problems by puting your livelyhood at risk!! Protect yourself!

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