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ICU or MED-Surge?


Where should I work?

  1. 1. Where should I work?

    • ICU (2pts)
    • Med-Surge (7pts)

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Help! I don't know what to choose between I am a new RN with no prior experience other than the 2-years of clinicals. I have been given the yes to be hired for both ICU and MED-SURGE; so, which one do I choose? I am a bit intimidated by starting out in ICU since I don't know anything about working the computer, their system, documenting, and of course skills... ICU is my ultimate goal in my career, but I think I will have more time, more peace, and less stress in learning first with med-surge. What advice can anyone give me? Please any advice will help...

Boomer MS, RN

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Since you said that ICU is your career goal, I vote for the ICU, with a caveat. Either place will entail a huge learning curve for you; what is of utmost important is the orientation program for the ICU. How long? What does it include? Classroom? Is there a program in place or is it new? I do not think you can go wrong if you choose med-surg, but it will be stressful too. There is so much to learn in med-surg, but I am one of those who does not feel a new grad has to do med-surg first before going into critical care or another area such as the OR. An excellent orientation and training program, good preceptors, educators and a good manager can make all the difference.

Good luck with whatever you decide; feeling comfortable in a new unit comes with time and experience. And it will come.


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Good luck and congrats! í ½í¹Œí ¼í¿½í ½í¸Š