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Hi there! I graduated nursing school in December '13 and I passed my NCLEX in early January. I have an ICU interview on Friday and I am so nervous. I never thought about working in the ICU because my ultimate goal is to be a nurse midwife. Anyway, I would totally accept the job if offered because I feel the ICU would be a great place to learn and be constantly challenged. This job interview (luckily) sorta just fell in to my lap, so I'm a bit lost. I have been scrolling through for helpful hints, but I thought I would see what more recent grads had to say! I would be so excited to get this job even though it deviates a little from my ultimate plan, but hey, I'm young and I have lots of time. :)

Here are some questions I'm preparing for:

Tell me about yourself?

Why do I want to work in the ICU?

How do you view your role as a nurse?

Why do you want to be a nurse?

Favorite/least fav./easiest/hardest clinical experience?

Any other thoughts? Questions I should be preparing for? Also, thoughts about wearing color instead of black in to the interview?

Thanks so much!!!

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"Where do you see yourself in five years" is a popular interview question.

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