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Hello I am getting ready to be interviewed for a position as critical care internship.  Due to me having  covid I am having my interview via computer.  I was just wondering if any ICU nurses had any advice for me.  

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Such a great experience to be in an ICU interview.


1. Be yourself! And tell them a little bit about you

2. Come prepared to the interview with answers to typical questions they would ask

ie. What are you strengths and weaknesses?

What leadership roles have you had?

Give me an example of how you've work in a team atmosphere.

How have you handled conflict in the past?

3. Get good sleep and eat well prior to the interview.

4. It's always better to dress more professional than less. As a female, wear a blazer with either pants or a long skirt. Where basic jewelry and a pop of color is nice and a way for the team to remember you by - wear basic makeup with a slight pop of lipstick if you wear lipstick.

5. Always ask questions and come prepared when they ask if you have any questions for them. 
6. Last comment - Ask them if they have any reservations about you and if they do what are they? (Interview panels love this comment and it will play on your confidence and help you understand as well what they are looking for in candidates.

Hope this helps! ? 


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