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ICU Apprenticeship


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Hi...I'm a first year ADN student entering her 2nd semester in January. I have an interview on the 8th with ICU at one of the large hospitals here in town. The position is for a Nurse Apprentice in the ICU. I'm pretty nervous about the interview because I really, really want the job and I'm sure there are many other qualified applicants. I want to stand out and make them remember me. Does anyone have any advice on what types of questions they might ask and any suggestions on what to say?

I'm still in that disbelief state that I have actually made it .25 of the way through and I'm that much closer to being an RN. This job would be great learning experience for me, as well as a way to make money while in school. I know nothing about ICU except that you have to constantly monitor the patients because of their acuities (sp?). Any information you have for me or tips, advice, or suggestions about working in the ICU would be great.

Also, maybe tell me why you love working the ICU and why you don't???

Thanks in advance for any help!


Future RN


Specializes in ICU, psych, corrections. Has 8 years experience.

Do you attend WNCC in Carson City? :D If not, then we are in different cities. Thanks for the post...I thought no one was going to respond. As it turns out, they bumped up my interview from January 8th to Thursday!! I don't normally get nervous, but I really NEED and WANT this job!!

Do you happen to know if the interview is a formality? Or do they really base their hiring preference on it? I've never had a problem getting jobs before, but this is different. I'm sure there are many other nursing students vying for these apprenticeships. How long have you worked as an NAP? One of my classmates said she applied for a job at CTH (the hospital here in town) and then implied that she would be working Friday's 7-7...on the same day she applied. Are these apprenticeships that easy to get?

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