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Ice packs for Prolonged Complexe Febrile Seizures

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so here is a new scenario: your thoughts are appreciated.

2.5 y/o patient, no family hisotory of seizures, patient has history of a 9 minute simple febrile seizure resolving on its own with clothing removal and ventilation. 2 months later, Complex Febrile Seizure lasting 2 hours. ER Team removed clothing, over period of time administered 3 doses of Ativan IV, patient continued seizing, oral meds not option, fever presented just a minute before Seizure w/o warning, Seizure did not stop despite medications.

approx 2 hours into the seizure, team used ice packs and body temp started dropping and seizure finally stopped at 100.4 temp. the patient had 2-3 day residual inability to walk steadily, schizophrenic behaviors such as of things biting her, panic, halluciations etc. and now seems normal.

While simple febrile seizures are not harmful, Complex febrile seizures are known to injury/damage the hipicampus part of the brain and develop later epilepsy, developmental delays and other issues.

We are told if these seizures can be kept short in duration the risk of damage and future epilepsy can be almost removed.

Family has a seizure emergency kit which includes, safety medical scissors, bottled water, wash clothes, instant ice packs, tylenol suppositories, Diastat rescue suppository, thermometer etc.

Question is, even with oral suppository its almost an hour before the medication takes the fever down. the family has seen the ice packs work for their child as a last resort. should they have them just in case and what is the quickest way to get the temp down safely with or without ice packs. we dont want to start the body shivering.........What is everyones thoughts here...?

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Without stepping too deeply into AN's Terms of Service your should be following your HC provider's recommendations.

Seizures can be scarey, esp when children are involved.

Hope the little one improves.

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