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I am working on my Resume. I need some help :(


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I am applying to a place where I had my clinicals. I am done with the cover letter and resume.

The only thing I dont know what to do is in the Dear ____,

What should I put after Dear if I do not know the name of the person receiving the letter?

Should I put Dear Stone Oak Nursing Home, or To whom it may concern etc...

Please let me know the best option.

Chaya, ASN, RN

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If I am sending an unsolicited resume to a facility, I will try to look up that info on their website if there is one. You can look for the director of HR, the staff recruiter or the nurse manager. If any of these are listed you can address your resume to them and ask that it be forwarded to the appropriate person if not them. Frequently, no name is listed; I have sent resumes addressed "Dear Nursing Recruiter"; that's kind of a haphazard approach but may arguably be better than not approaching them at all.

However, if you are approaching the facility where you had your clinicals it would definitely be best to use the correct name. Will you be asking any of the staff members you worked with there for a recommendation? When you ask them, ask them also if they could find out for you who is the appropriate person involved in hiring. Barring that approach, sometimes if you call a facility outright they will give you a name in HR or nursing administration.

Best of luck in your Job Search.


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Thank you for the reply!

I found the Administrators name. Is this a good person to address the resume to?