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I will be a brand new RN in May, and I already HAVE a job.....


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To all of the about to be new grads, newly graduated, and currently seeking jobs as RN's, there is hope.

In a nutshell, I have beat the odds. I have a criminal background, graduating with ONLY an ASN ( for those who must know), and I am what you would call a mediocre student. I work hard, study EXTREMELY HARD, and PLAY just as hard. My family has been on the back burner, my social life is barely existent, and I long for my previous career. ( Seems much easier since I have began this journey)

That being said, I am grateful for the opportunity too pursue my nursing degree. Many moons ago I began as a Registered Medical Assistant. My career moved into management, ran my own business, then like many others, was faced with choosing failure or a second chance.

Do not give up. Network with your clinical contacts. Prove you are worth their time. Market yourself. If I can do it, ANYONE can. I am scared to bits, but I know I will make a difference. Work hard, stand out, and be just a bit annoying, it really does pay off.

This forum has been wonderful and I look forward to learning much more from the people that share their knowledge.

THANKS ALLNURSES!!! You all ROCK:thankya:

joanna73, BSN, RN

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Congratulations :) that's exciting! Know how fortunate you are, and make the most of your opportunity. Scoring a job before graduation is definitely not the norm. I was also hired months prior to writing my Boards, and I remember how relieved I was. Contacts are everything.

Wow I love your story of inspiration and perseverance! I am going for my BSN and manage to worry when I know that I'm up against nothing compared to what you were. What a reality check for me, seriously! Congrats and just remember, you are a good person so that is why you have good come into your life! Past mistakes don't mean future failures!

klone, MSN, RN

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