I Was Kicked Out of My Exam! - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 203

I got kicked out of my exam!!!! Are you kidding me???


I Was Kicked Out of My Exam! - Follow Me Through Grad School Episode 203

Many believe that online FNP programs are less rigorous than traditional programs, especially when it comes to examination policies. Many falsely assume online students are given carte blanche during examinations, and can always look up answers, but that can be further from the truth.

Online FNP programs utilize various tactics to ensure students are held accountable during examinations:

Open Book Quizzes

For quick knowledge checks, programs will sometimes use timed open book quizzes. But please don't make the mistake of equating open book quizzes to being easy. In fact, open book quizzes tend to be harder than closed book quizzes. Why, you ask? Because students have access to resources, the questions are more difficult. To answer appropriately students are required to have a thorough understanding of the material. Simply memorizing and regurgitating information will not cut it, and is a sure fire way to do poorly!

Live Real-time Exam Proctoring by Professor

Students log in to their school's site at a specific time and must take the exam on camera as the professor monitors. Students must ensure appropriate lighting and noise level. Additionally, students can't take breaks/pause the exam or leave the room and must be alone throughout the examination. So taking the exam at the local bookstore or Starbucks is out of the question.

Automated Exam Proctoring Service

Students must first download a program from an automated proctor site (schools use various sites). When students are ready to take their exams there will be a link on their exam that will return students to the automated proctoring site. This site will not only confirm your identity and proctor the exam, but it also performs further analysis post examination. Things such as too much eye movement, getting a drink of water, using scrap paper, opening other screens or having notes on the screen will cause the automated proctoring service to close the exam and alert your school.

Proctoring Centers

Students go in-person to a designated proctoring center to take their examinations.

In this week's vlog, I go over how I got kicked out of my exam! You read right. This is not a typo! Some highlights include:

  • How Simmons College Online FNP program students take exams
  • Why did I get kicked out of my pharmacology exam? What happened next?
  • Information overload.
  • Finally deciding on a semester project topic.

I hope you enjoy Follow Me Through Grad School (#FMTGS) Episode 203: I Got Kicked Out of My Exam!!! Let me know below if something like this has ever happened to you. Please like, comment, share and subscribe!

Heads up! If you're new here or an old friend of the Follow Me Through Grad School (#FMTGS) series, you can always catch up with my journey from the beginning.

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I love your videos!!


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I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying the series! Thanks so much for commenting!

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Your videos are fun and engaging which works for my inability to stay focused. I recently completed my BSN online and we were given the option of open book with the use of an approved proctor site and proctor ( this wasn't done in my home). Anyway the exam was timed and as you stated, the questions required in-depth knowledge of the subject areas because it was open book. I have to say that was probably the hardest exam I had taken since being in any college; it was timed and because I had taken 16 classes (yes 48 credits) within the year to complete my degree, the book being there did nothing for me. Mainly, the 16 classes involved me using 22 text books; yep 22. Not to mention that there was no study guide so I had no idea what I was going to be tested on so think about it; the question be related to research or trends, Medicaid/Medicare, substance abuse, the history of nursing you name it. So to reiterate what you said, online exam much harder than traditional at least in my experience.

Keep posting!!!


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Whoa! 48 credits in 1 year, Phoenix16, RN, ASN, BSN, you're a beast! I agree, open book is WAY harder than closed book. If you think just because you'll have your resources that you won't need to study, you'll be in for a rude awakening, haha. Thanks so much for commenting and I'm glad you're enjoying the series!


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Hi guys pls does anyone have a suggestion for a good online FNP program? Thanks


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Your videos are so awesome! Thank you for sharing


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I'm currently in Simmons Online FNP program! It's a pretty good program. Things to consider are (1) is it accredited, (2) school ranking, (3) do they find your clinicals for your, (4) pass rate of licensure exam on first attempt (5) price and (6) length of exam. Start there and you'll see which program is best for you. Good luck!


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Thanks FNPTOB2018! Thanks for watching and commenting!