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i attended macon state college in the fall 07. it was too difficult therefore i left. i really wanted to go to gordon college so in the spring of 08 i was accepted. i registered for my classes and everything was all good until i went to financial aid. they told me pell paid tuition and fees, but i needed an extra $1200 for room and board, food, books, etc. i was so heartbroken because i thought i had everything planned out:cry::scrying::(.

im currently now in my second (summer) quarter at a local tech school for my CNA and LPN with a 3.38 gpa. one of my older friends (who is a rn) asked why am i wasting my time getting a lpn when i can easily get a rn.

should i stay and finish my lpn (have a semester or 2 quarter until i enter the lpn program) or should i finish with my CNA and in the spring of 09 enroll at gordon college (i would take out a loan)?

i have a semester to go until i enter nursing school.

if anyone attended gordon or macon state college and gave me some input that would be helpful.


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I do not attend Gordon but I did take my pre reqs at Macon state. I am not in any way telling you what to do but I would go ahead and attend Gordon College. You may as well get your RN if you can. There are plenty of people who take out loans for college and when you finish the RN program you will have a steady job that will enable you to pay them back. Go for it girl!!!


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just an extra $1200 to cover all expenses? Get a stafford loan or a part time job. I wish it would have only cost me $1200 per semester to feed myself, have a place to sleep, and go to nursing school all at the same time.

Loans are your friend! Take full advantage of them.

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