I want to take the nursing program(to be a CRNA) at Long Beach City College...

U.S.A. California


I just want to know if they are going to give credit to some of the subjects I took at a career college as a medical assistant.

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I'm confused... the only CRNA programs in California are at Samuel Merritt University, USC, and CSU-Fullerton.

Do you mean you want to go to the ADN program at Long Beach City College, as a first step towards one day becoming a CRNA?

The only people who are going to be able to tell you whether or not your classes will be accepted are the staff at LBCC. Give them a call and have all of the information about the specific courses ready.

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LBCC does not have a CRNA program. The closest one would be CSU-Fullerton's Kaiser CRNA program. It is a Masters level program, so you'll need at least a Bachelor's degree and think about doing an ELM program.

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I seriously doubt you'll et any credit for being an MA from a career college. Be prepared to start completely from scratch

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