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I want to be a RN in Las Vegas, Nevada? How?

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by mikes511 mikes511, RN (Member)

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hi guys can anyone here telles me the process in getting an RN in state of Nevada, i'll be graduating on 2008 of april here in manila,phils. what steps should i need to take? me and my wife is in possesion of tourist visa..can we go directly in nevada wihtout taking the local board and just take the nclex? please enlighten me on this matter..thanks


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Please read the Primer at the top of this forum for all of the information that you need.

1. You must be in the US for three months before any petition can be filed for you, and then it is another 6 weeks to 2 months before you could start working legally. And that is when there are visas available.

2. Being in the US for five months without any income coming in is almost impossible for most.

3. Accepting any work illegally while waiting for your documents is grounds to get you deported for minimum of ten years.

4. Violation of US immigration law to come to the US for the sole purpose of looking for a job and staying.

5. Please take the time to do things legally. When you try to take a shortcut, it will turn to bite you on the butt.

6. And take the time to do some reading here, there is much information that you need.

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