I want to quit during orientation...

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I've had 5 days of orientation so for at this LTC facility only one day on the unit I'd actually be working.. I hate it, most of all hate how i cant really care for my patients. It feels unbearable, its 35 patients. So many accuchecks,blood pressures and orders and things to do. You're always interrupted by Doctors , management and everyone thinks nurses do it all. Its 5 12 hrs a week. I haven't been properly trained on the policies and procedures. I FEEL BAD about wanting to quit but its how i feel. I don't know if its fear but i'm scared of jeopardizing my license, I'm scared of making a mistake. Its not a bad facility everyone is friendly and like family. But honestly i'm the youngest there and feel i'm not assertive enough and won't be a good fit. Any advice?

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