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I want to be an OB nurse soooo bad....I am in my last semester of nursing school and I am so scared that no one will hire a new-grad in this area.....

I am currently trying to find classes to take such as fetal monitoring, NRP. childbirth education....I want to make myself more marketable when I graduate so people will know I am serious.....

My problem is...I have done searches on google and can't seem to come up with classes that are for health care providers....especially in my area (San Diego)....

If you know of anywhere I can go to get educated on these topics I would really appreciate it!!!!!:confused:


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Here is an addy for you that describes classes for OB professionals, taught by esteemed people like Michelle Murray, PhD:


they have classes all over the US and they are worth the cost.

also, check http://www.awhonn.org

there you will find out how to become a member and classes they have to offer in the way of fetal heart monitoring.

They also have lots of good books on obstetric nursing you can read. AWHONN publishes many of them. Worth checking into.

I wish you luck!!!

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Thank-you ....the website was helpful!!!

I am just suprised at how difficult it is to find a class in my area...I thought they would be going on all the time........???


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Another thought:

Check out your local hospitals, and med school, there are always conferences and seminars going on. Talk to your OB clinical instructors, they know about these things as well.

And good for you for wanting to get ahead and become more marketable!!!!


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I dont know why I didnt think of going to my OB instructor....probably because that was way back in 2nd semester.....I will definately go to her....THANK-YOU!!!!!!!


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My pleasure, it might be worth while to see what she thinks of area hospital programs for new grads in L/D and if you have a good relationship with her ask her either for a refferal or a letter of recomendation. Both would bode well when it comes to graduation. The March of Dimes also has wonderful perinatal programs. A good book that I was given when in school is Acute Obstetrics published by Mosby, written by Martha C. S. Heppard, MD and Thomas J. Garite MD It is a great resource gives alot of the pathophys. behind common problems, ie GDDM and PIH.

Good luck to you!!!

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