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My title says it all. I've considered all areas of nursing, and this seems to be the best fit for me. I LOVE teaching!!! In my former career I was a manager and did a lot of staff training. I created all of the educational material, developed the format, and facilitated the classes. Many other departments came to me for the resources I created. As a nurse, I had a few opportunities to teach nursing procedures and do in-service, I LOVE that! Many times throughout my life people have commented on what they thought I'd be great at.... Law and teaching. I do love law, and could also see myself in that field in a previous life. I do not want to go to law school and essentially start from scratch as a lawyer.

I'm pursing my BSN and MSN in education now. I see myself teaching in a University and doing research. There is definitely a PhD in my future. I expect to finish my MSN in 2013. What can I do now to gain 2-3 years of classroom teaching experience, so that I am more marketable when I graduate? I am an RN, but do not have my BSN yet, but will by December 2011. I'm going to keep my hospital job (tuition reimbursement), I work there part-time (2 -12's). Would teaching as a medical assistant instructor be considered teaching experience when applying for a University position? Can a non-BSN RN teach LPN's? Any suggestions are welcome.

I live in Iowa and the only teaching job you can get here without your MSN is teaching clinicals. You mentioned you wanted classroom experience. Without your BSN or MSN, I think the only classroom teaching you will be qualified to teach is CNA classes, BLS, ACLS, PALS, that type of stuff.

Can a non-BSN RN teach LPN's?

In my area: only in the clinicals, not in the classroom

Would teaching as a medical assistant instructor be considered teaching experience when applying for a University position?

In my area this would give you a slight advantage if you were applying for a community college job, but IME, the universities are pretty strict on wanting educators who are experienced at teaching nursing students.

Good luck!

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Teach any type of class related to the medical field. CPR and ACLS, etc are great. In my state you have to have a degree higher than the one you are teaching, with a BSN minimum. So you might be able to teach CNA's and LPN's. Consult your BON. Frequently nursing schools need clinical instructors (not the same as the lecturer). Call them to see about needs.

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I have my BSN. I teach classroom and clinicals in a practical nursing program, which is a tense 15 months of classroom, clinicals, and studying. My plans are to start earning my MSN this January. I would like teach in a RN program. I love to be able to teach and continue to work in a hospital setting.

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