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I want to be a nurse ... can you give me some advice ?

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Which route should I take into nursing?

  1. 1. Which route should I take into nursing?

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      Become a LPN First then go to LPN To RN school?
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      Get an AAS RN?
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      Get an BSN RN?

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Good evening Frens... my name is Raisa and I am currently a Registered Medical Assistant/ Phlebotomy Technician... I just graduated from school this year and I'm looking to go into the nursing field because that is my ultimate career goal in life ... I really wanna be a nurse ... I have applied for spson of queens and sadly was not accepted .. I know in the state of NY nursing it is so difficult but I don't wanna be discouraged .. I want to continue to pursue my dream career .. So my question is should I go to an LPN school and then go for a LPN to RN school? What advice do you give to someone who wants to become an RN? Any alternate schools or paths I could apply to??? Which schools are easiest and best to get into ???? What are the pros and cons of a aas in nursing vs bsn nursing ...??? Can I take the nclex before completing a bsn??? Help please I need guidance

For those who may want to know .. I live in Brooklyn and I would like evening and or weekend classes ..

It would be gladly appreciated if some of you current nurses former nurses or even in the becoming nurses .. LPN RN would help me

If you want to become an RN, it think you should go ahead & directly do that. I've been told in school that LPNs are being phased out so RN is the next step. You can get your ADN and still be an RN, then you can do your BSN. If you already have a Bachelor's Degree, I think its better to do an accelerated BSN program that will add onto your current degree. Some schools vary between 1-2 years. If you don't have a Bachelor's degree, you can do an ADN at any smaller private school because they are a bit more easier to get into since they are quite expensive, but keep in mind that you will and should consider continuing for a BSN right afterwards. I have my ADN and I'm nearly done with my BSN and the job hunt has been quite hard as most employers are looking for a BSN, especially if you are looking for a hospital position. You can work as an RN with your ADN & BSN. Private ADN nursing schools are usually 2 years and you can complete your BSN online within a year or so depending on the school you select. If I'm not mistaken SPSON either lost or is not accredited so it is supposed to be more challenging to continue for a BSN. I believe City Tech has a nursing program along with BMCC if I'm not mistaken. Have you considered CUNYs?

I'm thinking to go to a a cuny school .... I just needed the advice !!!! I'm a lil sad I didn't get in but I wanna explore my options


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I did LPN to ADN to BSN. I like the fact that I got to experience it at all levels. LPNs are not being phased out in general only in the med-surg setting. IF you are an ADN grad RN in NY you will work in a nursing home if you want bedside nursing. So being a LPN is almost the same. The facility will likely pay for ADN and BSN reimbursement.