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Hey everyone! I am a current Nursing Major at Graceland University in the States but I have recently developed an interest in going over seas to study in Ireland. I for sure know that I want to be a nurse and there is no other option for me. I fell in love with Ireland when i visited a couple years ago and since have thought about moving over there. Well, I was wondering if anyone had information on Irish Nursing programs and how I could apply. Also, if I went to school over there would my degree transfer back to the states as an RN if I decide to come back. I know this is something I would like to do, I just have no idea where to start! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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If you obtained a foreign nursing degree, you would need to apply to the Council for Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) and wait to see if you would be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination. That is just to get a license.

Step 2 would be to have your Irish transcript evaluated by a credentials evaluation service which would 'translate' the grades you received there into an American A, B, C, D, F and 4.0 gpa standard. They would also indicate what American degree your Irish degree was equivalent too (an associates degree, a hospital training program, etc).

After you have an American RN license and had your foreign degree evaluated, you would then apply to a US school.

Here is a link to the steps to become a nurse in Ireland from the Irish Nursing Board: http://www.nursingcareers.ie/Becoming_a_Nurse.HTML

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