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I want to get into nursing please help :)

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Hello, I am very new to this forum and I hope I am not doing a stupid post or anything haha, I have been told off for bad posts on other non-nursing forums. But anyway, my name is austin and I have been taking classes at a community college just to get an associates in science but now I think I want to get into nursing. My mom is a nurse and I think it is pretty interesting. I was wondering what the prerequisites are for a bachelors in nursing cause I may go for that cause I have classes that apply to science but not to nursing. Should I go this road or should I try to get my associates and then go for a bachelors? Also, is it possible to take the none nursing classes like pathophysiology or nutrition while I am on the waiting list to get into nursing school, or do I have to take them while I am taking the nursing classes? Also, If I can take these classes while not in the nursing program, then I will be taking just the nursing classes and I have already covered the elective with my previous classes, anyway will this make the nursing process easier? and by how much? Thank you for any feedback, I am very nervous about getting into nursing haha. Thanks again :)


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these are the pre-reqs and nursing courses for the nursing program from the university that i graduated from for 2008-09 academic year:


as far as getting your asn or bsn, it is up to you and how you want to advance your nursing career. if you enjoy being a bedside nurse, and basically don't want to advance, then the asn would be your best bet. if you want to advance your career, such as go into management, or teach, then you will have to get your bsn first, and then continue on to get your msn.

depending on what school you go to, you might not be allowed to take "upper division courses" such as pathophysiology. i know at the school i went to, you had to actually be in the program to take patho. but you can take as many pre-reqs as you can while waiting to get into the program.

ask your mom about nursing school and everything that goes along with it. she is your best source of information on the subject. whatever you decide to do, good luck!

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