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I want to become a RN in san diego


hi i recently got information on a school i want to go to in san diego.its called san diego city college.well im trying to become and RN so i need as much information you guys can give me.any information will be helpful thank you!!!

SD City College is now accepting students into their ADN Nursing program based on a multi-point criteria. It's too late to submit an application for Fall 2011, but starting Sept. 1, you can apply for Fall 2012. Some prerequisite courses you will need to complete before being considered for admission are Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology.

Visit this link to read more information and look at the Multi-Point Criteria to see what you can do to improve your chances. http://www.sdcity.edu/AcademicPrograms/ProgramsofInstruction/NursingEducation/AdmissionInformation

Let me know if you have any more questions. :)

thanks emerald.so all i have to do is take those classes then i would be able to apply?

Those prerequisite courses and the TEAS V are the basic requirements to apply. Complete these courses to earn more points: English, Intermediate Algebra, Speech/Communication, Psychology, Behavioral or Social Science/Anthropology.

I think the cut-off for acceptance is usually around mid-70s to low 80s? I was around there. This is what they say they go by: http://www.sdcity.edu/Portals/0/AdmissionsRecords/NursingAdmissions/Admission-points-1-27-2011.pdf

Good luck!

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You're welcome!

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Omg I'm so excited to get everything started!!! Lol.but in all seriously I was reading on the internet and my goal is to work in the ER when I become an RN and it says that its good to take a test to have an certificate of emergency nursing.it basically makes you look really good.that's no disrespect to noone I'm just trying to see if it would be smart to take it or what are you guys opinion on it you know.