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I am extremely upset.....about a couple months ago I received my letter of acceptance into the nursing program at Harper College in Illinois. Yesterday I received another letter stating that I will not be able to enroll in the nursing program until I pass a CNA nursing skills test. I will be tested in august and we only get one try. If I dont pass then I will not be able to enroll. I took CNA about 6 months ago and I am not working as a CNA.... I worked so hard to get into this program. What if i dont pass the skills test? I am just so upset that first they tell me that I am in the program and now I have to pass one more test in order to enrol. I am very upset...... I really hope I pass.....


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Ugh. Well, I took the CNA test a billion years ago in Illinois. It was really, really easy, if that helps. The only thing that people had trouble with was blood pressures, so practice, practice, practice your bps on friends, family members, coworkers, etc. Other than that, you should be fine. It was, seriously, like "HOW DO YOU WASH YOUR HANDS?"


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OH, could you possibly take the skills test sooner somewhere else in case you don't pass? Do you live near Chicago? I'm sure they offer it at the city colleges more often. That's where I took mine.


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I am currently a CNA if you need any help lilbutterfly. I am still waiting for my letter.I have been watching the student portal for any clues but nothing so far. I did see that only 7 are enrolled in the nursing class/clinical so far. Which makes me wonder because admissions said that there are about 20 accepted so far. I also found a mistake on the information packet they gave out during the meeting. It says we need a Level C CPR certification from American Heart Association. This is not true because the AHA does not have a level C course. So I emailed Dr. Leski and she clarified to me that a BLS for HCP is required instead. Just in case you don't have your CPR yet.


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I think you will be OK. Study and take the test. If you fail it then approach the college to discuss this with them. It really isn't OK change requirements AFTER acceptance.

There is nothing tricky about this test.

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