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I think I'm a magnet


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....for all the bad stuff

Yesterday an induction (term delivery) went horribly wrong. :(

Severe foetal distress, crash section and very very flat baby.

Apgars 1:2 and 4 at 20 minutes. Heart rate of 40 at birth and nil other signs of life. Full resus was required. He had bilateral pneuomthoraxes, with cardiac compression, he was covered in meconium, but such a little fighter.

I got so much experience during this code but I woke up at 0400 this morning and all I could see was that poor little boy. Thank heavens the anethetist was a specialist in paeds. The retrieval team was fantastic.

Keep fighting little guy. :crying2:



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I know what you mean! I think that every time I'm in charge all the weird / bad stuff happens! L & D will be empty, yet I end up admitting 4 babies that night (they just keep walking in the door, or being taken down from antepartum). Babies who were "feeder growers" will get septic and almost (and sometimes do) code. I swear sometimes I have the "charge nurse curse"!!! I keep trying to pass it on - but it just won't cooperate!!!!!

I also seem to have a "curse" with picking up 28 weekers as my primaries. My past 3 primaries have all been 28 weekers, and they have all had more complex stays in the NICU than most 23 weekers!!! Seriously....


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I know... I love it when I'm assigned to our transitional nursery (all admits/deliveries come thru here before going to main unit), and I ask the L&D charge if anything's "cooking"... It seems like whenever she says the board is empty, I get slammed with multiples and cardiacs....never fails.

Nicky30, BSN, RN

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Just found out that our little fighter might not make it.

Apparently he has a rare congential disease. Muscular dystrophy (not sure which one), and if he comes of the respirator he wont live.

oh dear.

Nicky. :crying2:


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That is so sad Nicky:(

Hang in there ok! We just had a bad code last week with a one-month old and the night girls were very upset by it...the kid had pnuemonia and just quit breathing--was totally unresponsive to all resus. attempts. Two days later we had a demise that ended up in the NICU briefly because the L&D nurse came running in with this 23 wk spontaneous delivery (mom had been admitted in our L&D for several days with PROM). Our neo intubated and was working to resus. when they came running back and said the parents didn't want anything done....that is tough, watching a little bitty thing gasp for breath and HR still going for several hours...we just had to respect the parents wishes but it was not fun. Since they had brought the baby to us we had to admit it and "observe" the pt until she passed. The parents held the baby and all then sent her back to us to deal with...so sad:( Days like that will drag ya down if ya let em. :icon_hug:

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