I think I have made a bad first impression


Well, to make a long story short I have started in the NICU at night, but am having trouble with the family adjusting, so have decided to stop for now and try again at another time. Well, during this orientation process I missed 3 days due to me being sick and my baby being sick. I am afraid this has caused me to make a bad impression at this hospital and that in the future when I decide to try again that I will not get rehired. I emailed my nm with my sincerities about the job, and how much I loved it, and how sad I am that it is not working and that I hope she will give me a second chance when I apply again. Do you think they will give me another chance?


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it all depends...Depends on how your personality fit in with the unit, how sincere she takes you to be, and if she is an understanding individual who has a family and can relate. Given all that, if she can hold a grudge, then all bets are off and you won't be given a second chance.

Good luck and just know that everything happens for a reason. If they don't want you back then that was not the best place for you.


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I would make sure you go talk things out face-to-face if you haven't yet. While e-mail has become an accepted form of business communication, I think you're more likely to be able to convey your sincerity in person. Good luck to you!

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