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I test in a week please help!


Hello there,

I recently graduated in june and i am scheduled to test in a week. I basically struggled my way through nursing school and worked two jobs to help me survive financially. My school required that we take ATI which was a joke so i decided to take the kaplan review course which has helped however, I find myself scoring low on the 50 question sample test. Should I be worried? any suggestions? My scores are as follows:

Readiness 57%

QT 1-55%

QT 2- 64%

QT 3-51%

QT 4- 51%

QT 5- 57%

I have only completed 50% of the qbank and am scoring anywhere from 57-60% however, I scored 44% on sample1 and 46% on sample 2

Any advice will be great! Thanks in advance!

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I read on AN that many Nclex takers had scores like yours and they passed their exams. Did you read the rationales once you took the question trainers and sample exams? Doing that will help increase your understanding.

Thanks for the reply and yes I read the rationaled and I was able to put things together. i'm just nervous I really wanna pass! I am already working as a graduate nurse so I have added pressure :-(


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You should redo your question trainers and q bank since you feel weak with them. It'll help you retain more information for the exam. Having a job as grad nurse does put some pressure on you but at least you have one and be set once you pass the exam. For the rest of us, we have to worry about finding a job as well as passing the exam. Anyway, good luck with studying and your exam!


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Hi, I recently made a post on July 18, 2014 titled "Took Kaplan and passed NCLEX with 75 questions". My scores were:

Diagnostic Exam: 57%

Readiness Test: 57%

QT1: 61.33%

QT2: 51%

QT3: 52%

QT4: 54%

QT5: 93%

QT6: 80%

QT7: 50%

QT7 retake after reviewing rationales a week later: 98%

Sample Test 1: 52%

Sample Test 2: 56%

Sample Test 3 All Priority: 83%

Sample Test 4 All Alternative: 40%

Qbank completed: 100%

Qbank average range: 76-84%

Qbank scores range: 46-98%

My scores are all over the place but they sort of match yours. I remember during the Kaplan course, the instructor told us to aim for a 60%+ on Qbanks but 50% should be ok so I never really worried as much. I learn by repetition so I studied the rationales heavily by using the "All Items" option for the Question Reuse Mode.

Thank you! and I will definitely try to redo the question trainers and exam! I will post my results after the exam! wish me luck!

Woww, knowing that 50% should be ok definitely makes me feel much better. Also, I like the way you studied the rationales by click the all items option for the question reuse. Great idea I only have 1 week left to prepare! Thanks alot I really I appreciate it!