I am a technical anesthesia


Please help

I am a technical anesthesia obtained a diploma average in Altmid year 1994 for the Diploma study for 3 years and obtained a specialized course in anesthesia and intensive care for a year and a half Crown experience in anesthesia 13 years old Lago you help me get a Bachelor's in my field of anesthesia and intensive care or general nursing and how to threshing The best on the Internet

Note that I am a resident in Libya in North Africa

And Thank you very much


Specializes in Oncology/Haemetology/HIV.

There is no Bachelor's degree in anesthesia or ICU in the US. One gets a Bachelor's in Nursing then works for several years in ICU and then attends a school for several years to become a CRNA. The alternative method is become a medical doctor - get a Bachelor's degree, then attend medical school for several years and then specialize in ICU related specialties or in anesthesia.

Neither one of these can be done on the Internet and chances are, may or may not be useful to you in Libya.

You need to check with the Boards that supervise provision of anesthesia in Libya if you will be working there. And this post probably needs to be moved to the International forum if possible.