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Hi all,

I am a new grad LPN and have been applying everywhere. I finally got a call back from a pedi Dr. office and the woman from HR kind of did an over the phone interview. She asked me about customer service, teamwork and my clinical experiences. Have any of you ever had this happen to you? She was very positive and said that her supervisor will contact me to set up an interview soon. What do I do about calling back? It has been two days and I dont know if I should call back to follow up? Thank you very much.


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If you are interested in the job you definitely need to call them back. Employers like to see initiative.

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First, for future reference, always ask what their time-frame will be (when should you expect to hear back/will they be making a decision, etc.). Since it sounds like you didn't get a time-frame, I would just call to HR, speak to the woman that did the phone interview and ask the following,

"Hi, this is ________. We had the phone interview last Friday about the LPN position for the ______unit. I hope I'm not bothering you, but I was just wondering when I should be expecting to hear from _______? I'm very interested in the position, and I just want to be sure to be around when she calls...I also wanted to thank you so much for the phone interview--you really made me excited about the position, and it sounds like I could be a good fit for your organization. I'll look forward to hearing from _______on ________. Thanks again. "

Lastly, if you haven't already, be sure to send out a thank-you note (via snail mail) to the HR person that gave you the phone interview. This will let them know that you have follow-through and are excited about the position. Good luck!

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