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I am sorry for the multitude of stat evaluation threads!

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Hello! This is my first stat evaluation thread, but I see that they are so common. I would really like a genuine evaluation of my chances of not only getting an interview, but actually enrolling in a program. I live in NY and that is where I would plan on attending school (I know that there are 4 schools in NY). I also know that these stats are very dependent on how well I interview. I am mostly self-conscious about my GRE scores, but I know that I can take it again.

A.A.S in Nursing GPA: 3.4

BSN in Nursing GPA: 3.9

Science/Math GPA: 4.0

GRE Verbal: 152

GRE Quantitative: 148

Waiting on writing score.

At this time I have one year of experience in a Surgical/Trauma ICU at a Level 1 Trauma Academic Center in NY. This is my only nursing experience. I do not plan on applying to school until one year from now when I have two years of experience.

I plan on taking the CCRN this winter as well as Organic Chem.

Upon completion of Organic Chem, GRE writing and CCRN, you'll exceed the minimum requirements. This means interviewing with at least one school. Acceptance, as you touched on, is dependent on your interview skills, personality and even "fit" for the program. As well as other factors such as references and additional certifications.

I would research which school gives you the best clinical experience and really shoot for that one... You will probably get in to it. Don't sell yourself short. You've taken orders long enough, time to be the best anesthesia provider there is!