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I am currently a senior in nursing school. I work in the ER as a nurse tech and I am so afraid that I will never actually be a nurse. I had commited a felony in the state of texas and the board of nurse examiners has not yet replied to my application. I need some advice. I've worked so hard and I almost have my BSN - I don't want it to be for nothing.


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Get with your State Board of Nursing right away to see how this may affect licensure in your state. That is my best advice. Best wishes!!!


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Yes, check with your state board. Call them from a pay phone and ask a general question of whether you can obtain nursing licensure in your home state with a felony record and do not give them your name. Just make a general inquiry. If they say NO, find out if they would let you if you did not repeat the crime, etc, if you have been clean since, then ask them if they know which state would allow this.

If that doesn't work, then why not consider something nursing related like massage therapy, or find out if you could teach RN students if you go on to get your masters degree. You could LECTURE at a nursing school, that might be considered OKAY. In that case, you would have to first check with some nursing schools around. That might be possible. There are countless things to do, there are plenty of nurses who LOOSE their nursing licenses once they get them and have to do other things other than bedside nursing. So it is a common question. If that doesn't work, then why not consider relocating to a place like Canada or Greenland or Norway where you could take their board exams and nurse?

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