I really don't like Boston


But I have to go there because my husband found a better job there and already started his work. I read a lot of posts here about new graduates struggling in finding a job. I am surprised. I am in Tennesee now. I was hired as a nurse intern even in school and launched in ICU straight after graduation. My pay was a RN pay even before I passed my board. Now I am in this nice unit, with a pay rate without a benefit as >$65000/year before tax, for 40hours/week. The houses' price here is low (You can easily get a nice new house for $150000 in the best school district). The city is medium-sized. I am living so well here and hate leaving. There are a lot of jobs for nurses. MY friend who graduated after one year got a second job, then his monly pay is easily to be $6000 after tax.

I like the enviroment for nurses here. I don't understand why in Boston, MA, new nurses cannot find even a job. I don't know how much an experienced nurses with one year experience will make in Boston. Could anybody here give some informaiton and encouragement for my moving to Boston? Thanks.

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but i have to go there because my husband found a better job there and already started his work. could anybody here give some informaiton and encouragement for my moving to boston? thanks.

i loved living in boston! so much history there -- the freedom trail, the u.s.s. constitution, the museums. you can actually see where history was made! i loved the aquarium, fanueil hall, filene's basement, fried clams, concerts on the half shell, sailing on the charles river . . . i could go on and on!

the first thing you need, bbpp, is an attitude adjustment. no, it's not going to be like home, but you just might enjoy it anyway. although not if you go there convinced that you won't!

boston has some excellent hospitals, which means that you'll have some excellent learning opportunities. it's a great place to further your career as a nurse.

good luck, and keep us posted. i really believe that if you give boston a chance, you'll love it. my sil lives in woburn, and i'm starting to get itchy for another visit, just thinking about it. thanks for the reminder of all the things i love about the area!


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Hey there....I too love Boston. I live in Florida where nurses also (although some would disagree) are paid reasonably, the housing is starting to go through the roof, there is little to no history, at least not comparing to Boston. Ruby Vee's post made me miss home and lets be clear, you aren't a new grad....so for your job options, the sky is the limit. The one benefit to doing nursing school down here in FL, is I will pay half of what everyone up north is paying, get 2-3 years experience here at All Childrens and then we are headed up north. My daughters education is priceless and she sure as hell won't get one here in Florida. Plus I miss home. Even with the snow, I'll take snow over millions of half dead snowbirds anyday. Can't wait!!!


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BBPP you did not say exactly where in the Boston area you are moving to. If your husband is working downtown, you don't necessarily have to work there too. But if you did want to work in town, and your going to live outside of Boston, you can use the commuter rail, the T (trains and bus) or look at your local hospitals. Many suburban hospitals here are affiliated with the major teaching hospitals in Boston, i.e, South Shore Hospital affiliated with Children's, and Brigham and Women's (part of Harvard Medical Schools). Your options as an experienced RN are limitless and the money is great. New grads may be a little slower in landing the perfect job, but with a year or two experience, they too will find their way. As a side benefit, Boston offers some of the best higher ed in the world. Good luck with your move, Massachusetts is a beautiful place to live.


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Thank you all for input. I am working on moving to Boston now. I got a lot of encouragement from your input. I will work in any hospital 20 miles around our apt.. I don;t know which part of the greater Boston we will find an apt. Do you have any recommendation? We can afford one 2-bedroom, 1 bath apt. under $250000.


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If you have a BSN the sky is the limit as far as hospitals in the boston area. If you do not a few hospitals will refuse you. What kind of nursing do you do. There is a hospital in everett looking for nurses the pay is very comparable to what you make in the city and it is part of the MNA. Boston is hard to get used to. The traffic is killer. The diverse culture is a site to behold (WASPS are the minority). The house prices are very high. If you work in the city be prepared to commute as parking is super expensive even in the hospitals.You have to work in boston area or very close to it as the pay goes down as you move north

Advantages, the nurses are well paid they are fighting for patient nurse ratio like california. The culturAL Experience is absolutely impressive. There are tons of concerts and theaters the red sox rule as do the patriots and massecussians are diehard fans. Although the house prices are high, it is now a buyers market as the prices are down from what they were 8 months ago. The historical value of this place is great as well

Welcome to boston hope you learn to like it.


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Jessica, thank you for your valuable information. I am very interested in the hospital you mentioned. I am working on my BSN now. This fall is my second semester. I will finish my BSN next Spring. I am still working in Tennessee, trying to get one-year experience before applying for a job around Boston. Are you in Boston working as a RN? If you want to release the information further, my email is bh9w@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot!

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