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I read somewhere on here about OSU Medical Center in Tulsa having a program where they have paid nurse aide training in return for working for them for a year. Does anyone know if they still do that?

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Hi! I went through this program. It is still offered, but only a few times a year -- as often as we have need for new nurse aides on the floors here. As far as I know there is not another class planned at this time, as we are fairly well staffed (I'll call the nurse in charge of the program and ask tomorrow and post back on here if I can remember).

What I did when I got in the program is to just fill out the online job application for posted available Nurse Aide positions at the OSUMC website, and then when they saw I didn't have experience they automatically put me in the applicant pool for the Nurse Aide Training Program.

I was really impressed with the training I recieved and the opportunities I've had since then (I'm no longer working as a Nurse Aide - it was easy to transfer to a department that is more interesting to me after working the floor for a year); I still work here over 2 years later!

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Alliemarie89, I spoke with the nurse in charge of our Nurse Aide training program earlier today. She confirmed what I thought -- she won't get the authorization from administration to start another class until we have the need for those nurse aides/enough positions to give them each a job. It's a great program and I can't recommend it highly enough (or OSUMC as a workplace!), so you could always call and check with our education department in a month or two and ask if there's been a new class start date set yet.

Or you can get your CNA somewhere in Tulsa (I recommend TCC's CNA program - fast and easy and fairly affordable) and then apply for one of our open positions!! We do hire "outside" the nurse aide training program, and I think we have 3 or 4 openings right now. :)

Good luck finding the training and job you desire!

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