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I read a new nursing book for over 45 hrs. Can I claim these as CE hours?

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It was a very interesting book and I spent the whole week reading it, I learned so many new things. Does this meet CE requirements for license renewal?

verene, MSN

Specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

I don't think so. Per WAC 246-840-202:

"(4) Continuing nursing education refers to systematic professional learning experiences obtained after initial licensure designed to augment the knowledge, skills, and judgment of nurses and enrich nurses' contributions to quality health care and his or her pursuit of professional career goals. The education hours should relate to the nurse's area of professional practice or areas identified through self-assessment and reflection for professional growth and development. There are various types of continuing nursing education activities. Some involve participant attendance where the pace of the activity is determined by the provider who plans and schedules the activity. Others are designed for completion by the learner, independently, at the learner's own pace and at a time of the learner's choice. Continuing nursing education hours may be obtained through mentorship, certification, presentations, and specialty certification." (emphasis added).

verene, MSN

Specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

I don't know then. Perhaps contact the DoH directly and ask?

tokmom, BSN, RN

Has 30 years experience. Specializes in Certified Med/Surg tele, and other stuff.

How do you prove this? Write a short summary maybe?


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