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I have a quick question....


i was wondering if all nursing school require you to take the Nurse Entrance test to get in....or whatever they are called. I was also wondering if someone can provide me with info thats on the test so i can study, (like what kinda moath especially, because i probably have forgotten it all). are there an websites that offer pracice with the math section the nurse entrance tests? my dream is to become an RN!!!!:))

No. There are books you can buy to help prepare for this test. I saw one but thought it was very expensive for how thin it was.

I just took my entrance exam for Nursing School. They test you over Grammar, Reading Comp, Math and Vocabulary. My school actually had a Study Guide that you could buy that went along with the test they administered. I think they all have different companies for the test but pretty much the same information. Math basically covers Roman Numerals, Measurements (a little of everything: Kg, mm, oz, cups, gallons, etc), fractions, and basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and change Farhenheit to Celius.

For Vocab my book had a pretty good list of possible words.

I hope this helps!!

Every school is different, some offer an entrance test some dont.

Find out what your local school requires, then go on from there. In my area (FL) entrance exams varies and all the material on the tests are different.

These are some of the exams that Nursing schools have their students sit before entry. Good luck, you can do it!!

NET--easy, but the reading section is tricky


HESI--dont know, never taken it

NLN--in between 50/50

Yes, I took the HESI Exam. I didnt think it was all the hard. The hardest section was Vocab for me. As long as you review over the math part its pretty easy.

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