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I have a question about my course load.


Hi everyone! I have a question: do you think my course load is okay for the fall semester? General Chemistry 1, Math Course (intermediate Algebra), Philosophy 110 (Ethics Course), and American History (Satisfy my general studies requirement). I was happy to sign up for these courses and can't wait until it starts next week. Now I'm wondering its a lot and doubting myself if I can handle it all.. Philosophy 110 was dropped yesterday by college because of low enrollment. Should I keep the remaining classes or added philosophy class back with another teacher? I normally ask my advisor about all this, but she's on vacation until next wk. thanks in advance for any help, advice and or guidance..

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Good day, alexia262013:

Chemistry and math will most likely have heavy homework (chemistry also involves a lot of math; so if your math skills are not up to par, maybe take chemistry after the math class), ethics will most likely have a lot of papers due. Did you get a syllabus in advance for each course? That can be helpful in terms of determining if you can handle the workload of the course.

Thank you.

queserasera, RN

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Your schedule looks great! Very balanced. Don't worry too much, at the end of the day it's just about getting everything done and by prioritizing school, you can do it!

I would say your schedule is doable.The most subject heavy course seems like chemistry and math.you could add the philosophy course with a different professor but be aware if their ratings on ratemyprof.com. Set some time daily to read and study chem, math and other subjects. Chem and math require commitment and lots of practice to get good at. You will do great.

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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It depends on what you can handle. Chemistry and math are both tough for me, but if you are good at the subjects and feel like you can juggle another class, go for it. Don't overwork yourself though, I honestly think you should keep philosophy out until another semester. I started my philosophy class this week and it sucks :(

Hi everyone! Thanks again for all the advice and responses. I feel a lot better now about everything. I love science kinda suck in math, which is why I see math tutor beginning of a course that involves math.. I'm really good at writing papers, so I have that going for me...Lol.. All in all, I want to do really well and it's my last semester..yay me!....lol!

Pmabaraham: I did get one syllabus early, my online history class. It was posted sometime this morning.. The syllabus contains assigned readings, 11 quizzes, 4 assignments and 2 exam essays for mid-term and and final..