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how should I proceed

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I am a current undergrade student attempting to receive my BSN degree. I am struggling with Pathopharmacology at this time. I have consulted with my instrucor and it boils done to passing the ATI exam to pass the class. I have a tough decision of withdrawing and repeating the class or going through in attempts to pass. My gut feeling is not good at this point. Could you give me any advice on how I can proceed and or resources for this class? The withdrawal date is 11/6/15. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon


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Others will come along and offer assistance.

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What level do you need? A level 2? Do you have the ATI supplement books? Those are awesome to study before those tests. I do it every time. I've never gotten below a 2. Also, do you guys have the practice tests to do? I do A and B several times before each ATI proctored. It gets me I. The mindset.