I never feel as dumb as I do when I study...

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After 20 years of being a nurse...I never feel as dumb as I do when I'm trying to study this damn A&P....I get so freaked out with the overwhelming amount of stuff to learn it's like my brain freezes up and I can't absorb the information...I passed the Microbiology Exam, but this will be the second round with the A&P exam and I have myself totally stresed out about it...Ok, that's all I wanted to say....just that I feel so STUPID !! aaggghhhh.

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Take a deep breath in.....and blow it out........

Try one of those "incredibly easy" texts--there is one on A&P

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I took A&P 13 years ago. I will soon have to take it again so I can sympathize with you. Our teacher used male pin-up models to teach us the muscles. Even in our test she would put pins in the muscle she wanted us to identfy. Will make it more interesting.:chuckle


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I've heard the "incredibly easy" series is really good.

I look over notes from the last class, and I don't even remember the instructor talking about it....much less try to understand it!

It will all come together.



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I had one of those weekends too ...I felt like a complete idiot this weekend at clinicals :(

There is an "incredibly easy" text on A&P I love those books I have 5 now and they really help ;)

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