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Hello all,

I just found out that i am 1 out of 120 students on the waiting list for the spring of 09 and there are only 40 seats. I am so nervous guys. I need some help. I dONT Know wat to do.:confused:

What school is this? Does the school have a waiting list, or do you have to re-apply again? How were your scores and your GPA? But have faith...it will work out for you...:up:

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development. Has 9 years experience.

Sounds like all you can do is wait. :)

Just take a deep breath. What will be, will be. Hopefully you are near the top of the waiting list....

Is this the only school you applied for? Are there any other schools around you that do not have a waiting list?

If you can, while you wait. Apply at other nursing programs around you. Just in case.

Learned lesson from me.. make sure the schools you are applying for are NLNAC accrediated. Not just accrediated wtih higher learning education board. Especially NLNAC, they have strict critieria in place.

Any good nursing program will be accrediated by them.


Well actually my school is one of the few ones that doesn't need an entrance exam..and also i don't have to reapply but that would be a whole year that i would be out of school. I think thats a little crazy( well thats if i don't get in). So far i have all the requirements, matriculated, GPAof 3.57, and all my prerequisite so i don't know guys. I don't know if i should apply to other schools or just wait. That would mean i need more classes because my school don't need chemistry and nutrition so i don't know. Please give some input people...please:confused:

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development. Has 9 years experience.

Always be proactive. It won't hurt you to have those other classes. Work on them while you are waiting. A 120 person wait list is huge. Its definitely not a given you will get in. Take the other courses, apply at other places, take charge of your own dream and future. Don't wait around hoping it all falls into place! :)

I really appreciate all the input people. Its really making me think. Thanks

hello all,

i just wanted to share with everyone, how excited i am that i re:dceived my letter today. i am still nervous, but at least fro a diferent reason. i am now nervous as to what to look forward to. thanx for all the inspiration guys.:p

Congrats...all that worrying for nothing, and see it worked out just right for you. Good luck in your endeavors...congrats again:yeah:

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