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So I've been a nurse right at two years. I'm currently working on a pediatric unit in a small rural hospital. The unit also takes adult med/surg overflow. Due to the fact that there is a huge pediatric hospital 20mins away we have few ped admissions. I am always in charge and even have unofficially precepted new nurses. I have also been pulled frequently to our ICU. I'm wondering how to describe my duties. Do I just highlight my pediatric skills since that will more than likely be the position i will be seeking? Or detail my versatility in caring for the adult population as well?? Do I specify patients I've cared for like oncology, hospice, ventilator, post-op, etc...? Even emailing me an example of a resume would help a lot!! thanks


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You could start out by focusing on your peds skills but then also focus on your versatility. My opinion, describe the pts that you have cared for. Tell anything and everything that you have done. If you have experience with oncology, hospice, etc.. let them know. Show them that you are not "stuck" in one specialty. If you need any other advice or just to talk, mail me. [


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I think it depends on the extent of your exposure to the other floors. If you have just floated there a few times and aren't very efficient, don't exaggerate and make it sound like you are experienced in that specialty.

It also depends on where you are applying to. If you will be applying to an adult ICU, point out the skills you have aquired and are efficient at. But, if you're applying to another peds floor, they will be more impressed with your pediatric skills than your time on the adult floors.:twocents:


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i/we need help with writing a resume too. first a little bit of background. the screen name "iluvsunsets" belongs to me, christine and my better half kevin. me, christine, i work for social security, (13yrs), and kevin is a traveling er nurse. kevin isn't into the "surfing, exploring, let's see what is out there" part of the internet as much as i am. so when i stumbled upon your site i joined us up with out joint email account.

any who,,, i am very good at reformatting resumes by using all the "buzz words" and "teck" phrases that ssa is looking for in a resume and i have helped approximately 6 of my friends get hired on at ssa, not to mention tweaking other resumes. therefore i told kevin 1 nite, "honey let me rewrite your resume and see if i can spruce it up some". well i soon learned i bite off more then i could chew. nursing has a lot of their own acronyms' and (what i refer too as), career specific lingo. so i gave up on tackling it on my own. can anyone help? i would be very willing to share my advice on reformatting a resume for someone who wants to work for ssa.




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On a resume, how far back should you go? I graduated nursing school in 1995, but spent many of the succeding yrs mostly raising my 3 kids. For much of that time, I also worked in several different nursing areas :bugeyes: (sporadic & p/t work according to what allowed me to have time for my kids as a single mom, partly according to what I could do w/ limited nursing experience:o, & having forgotten alot from nursing school:uhoh3:...d/t being a stay-at-home mom for a few yrs).

I don't regret putting off my nursing career in lieu of raising my kids. I'm just not sure how to effectively prepare (or edit) my resume now. Although I've worked in several areas (mostly peds), I feel like I don't really have ANY long-term, "solid" experience as a nurse (almost jack-of-all trades, but master of none).

I was out of the nursing field for several yrs, & worked as a substiture teacher, which worked out well for me & raising my kids. I finished the Nurse Refresher course in 2008, then worked in LTC. I'm not sure if I should include nursing work experience before that or not, since I no longer feel proficient in those areas. I can make my resume "look good", & everything on it IS true (but, I don't want it to look like BS either! :icon_roll). I want to include military experience, b/c that's how I got started in the medical field.

Does a potential employer expect you to still be able to do the things you did yrs ago? Thanks for any feedback.


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Just call or e whoever's hiring (person, not office) and certify how you meet the requirements, fill out an app, and show up at the interview. Works for me. I don't want my first contact with anyone to be anything as impersonal as a resume. I mean, if I were hiring, I'd stack the unopened resume envelopes on the least-used corner of my desk and start in on my voicemail and email. If I found someone to hire there, why wade through the resumes?

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