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Hi all,

Im studying to be a nurse right now. Im still doing my prerequisites at the University of Houston. Right now my GPA is a 3.6 and I think that this is pretty good but some of the other nursing majors are scaring me because they tell me it might not be high enough. I could probably pull it up but the way things are going with my professors I dont know if its going to go up that much higher. I would think with the great need for nurses that they will not turn down someone just because their GPA is less than a 3.9 or a 4.0. I know if I asked the University they would tell me to get the 3.9 0r 4.0 and that just might not be attainable for me right now. I need to know the real story! Please tell me that Im worrying for nothing. With all the competition around me, I feel like Im the one thats not on the right track.



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Hi Caroline,

Most likely a 3.6 should do you quite well. It reflects a lot of work on your part. If you feel very anxious, make an appointment with someone from the nursing school. I had similar feelings when I applied to school, and rumors flew about the GPA and the number of second degree students accepted etc. As a second degree student, I felt particularly insecure. I made an appointment with the associate dean and asked her. She confirmed that they were indeed rumors. I then concentrated on avoiding those who insisted on spreading the rumors, and surprise, I was accepted. Ignoring the rumors is good practice for school. I don't think the university would tell you to get a 4.0. if you have a 3.6 now there is no way you can actually achieve a 4.0. So, make that appointment with someone from the school of nurisng and find out the truth- it will give you a lot more confidence than you might think! Think about it, why worry when someone actually has the information you want? Good Luck!!!

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