I need to rant...AAAHHHHH


I had my zillionth interview today and it was with a prominent teaching hospital in my area. The nurse recruiter seemed eager to have me come for an interview and said she had the perfect position for me. I go in and she starts looking at my paperwork I submitted online and gets a weird look on her face. "OOHHHH, you're in the Chemical Dependency Program" she says. I say "well yeah, and I put that info on my online app i submitted you dummy" (Didn't really say that but was thinking it). She says she wished she had known that I had restrictions and they don't hire nurses with restrictions. I'm thinking...why the heck am I sitting here right now then?! She went on to say it was just too much paperwork for the nurse managers to fill out (1 paper front & back is all it is and required to be sent in bi-monthly). Blah, blah, blah. I was told to come back after my 1 year narcotics restriction was off and they would gladly hire me then! I informed her the same paperwork would be required by the Board for 3 years. I know I am rambling but it just **** me off that I wasted my time and was excited because she had told me she had the perfect position for me. She said "well go do LTC at a nursing home, i'm sure they'll hire you". Little does she know, I don't think anyone wants to hire a RN with restrictions around here. I have no criminal background, didn't divert, not on the OIG list, and got hooked on a med I was legally prescribed. Am I EVER going to find a job to start getting these restrictions lifted? I feel like giving up on the profession that I love. I have fought hard to get a license back that is doing me no good at all! Sorry folks! Just needed to vent! Thanks for reading! :confused::crying2:


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Hello Recovering Nurse,

I want to state that I do not judge you, nor do I think that anyone else should since any safety concerns are between you, your state BON, and any future employer.

I'm not quite sure what the policies are here at allnurses in regards to linking to other forums, but I do know there are other forums that you may want to have a look at as well to get a better idea of your job outlook. There is one particular site devoted to issues such as these that is full of people that are in or have been in the same position as you. I would recommend you do a google search for realityrn + terms specific to your situation.

I wish you luck on your continued recovery.


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Ok, so my rant made me feel a little better. BUT, the great news is...I was offered a dialysis job today and accepted the position!! When I thought there was no hope and no one would hire me, I kept pushing forward. This board has been a wonderful inspiration to me when I felt like saying "screw nursing"! Keep pushing on and keep your head up!


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Hi recovery nure Yeah! Sooo happy for you. Congrats hope I have the same luck tomorrow when I have an interview with a long term care center!


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Hey JMO wishing you the best luck ever tomorrow..please post and let us know what happened?:yeah::heartbeat:yeah:

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Thank you jmo! I wish you much success in your long term care interview! Be confident and go sell yourself!!


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@ recovering nurse- congratulations on the job!!! i am so happy for you!! hope the job works out well for you.:clpty: