I need some questions answered by a BSN for my Introduction to nursing class?

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I am in need of some help. The nurse that I orginally asked to interview cancelled on me and now I have no one to ask some very simple questions. It would help me tremendously if a BSN would answer thses several questions.

1. What univeristy or program did you attend?

2. What made you become a nurse?

3. As a nurse, what work do you perform in your current work setting?

4. How do you interact with your co-workers to improve patient care? And what are your views on patient care and communication?


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not a nurse yet, but just wondered why a BSN? It seems like these questions can be answered by any diploma, ADN or BSN. Sorry, not trying to be rude, just curious :)


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1. I attended University of Alabama at Birmingham for my BSN.

2. I became a nurse following 4 years as a volunteer at a local hospital, as well as volunteer work at the American Red Cross. I wnated to do something that was people-oriented and involved science. I also intensively researched nursing careers and found alot of options that appealed to me.

3. I currently teach Women's Health nursing at a local university. My current practice with that includes 2 days a week on a L&D and Mother-Baby unit supervising students as well as working alongside them. I also work in the summer as a camp nurse for anywhere from 1-4 weeks, depending on my schedule. I am currently training to be a SANE (sexual assault nurse examiner) nurse in my community.

4. If I can think of any issues that would improve patient care on my unit, I would discuss them with the Clinical Nurse Specialist or the Charge Nurse to share my ideas. If they want to carry out some ideas, they would then take the ideas to the unit nurse council.

Views on patient care and communication? This is a vague question. Can you be a bit more specific?



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Attended University of Delaware

Became a nurse d/t satisfaction of providing patient care

Became an OR nurse (perioperative nurse) just graduated May 2003 (BSN)

Went into this area of nursing because of personal experience having had a couple of major surgeries as a child/adult.

Am learning to be a scrub nurse now- setting up a sterile field; scrubbing , gowning, gloving, learning counts, instrument sets, draping of patients,etc.

Communication is extremely important in OR, either to the circulating nurse, scrub nurse or surgeons, physicians assistants or whomever else may be in room. Everyone works as a team in OR. The scrub nurse facilitates conversation with Doc.'s and circulating nurse and anesthesia; everyone has their own individual job, but we each need to work together to provide the best possible patient care. By maintaining a professional stance in the OR, the nurse also acts as leader when performing a task. As the scrub, one must pay attention to what is going on at surgical field at all times and remain sterile and be attentive to the surgeons wants to satisfy their needs.

Patient safety is also a "biggie" in the OR. By remaining sterile, the scrub nurse protects themselves and the sterile field from contamination that could be transferred to the patient. Also documenting correct counts of sponges, instruments, etc. is extremely important as instruments have been left in patients before when the wound is closed.

I'm sure there is more that I couldn't think of right now, but I hope this helps. Good luck.


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