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I need many views!

Ok, first of all I guess I should start by saying hey! I am new to this community obviously, but I have been a close follower whenever nursing doubts (well not doubts, but more so questions) pop into my head. My name is Chris, I am an EMT graduate, and certified. I am currently 18 years old, turning 19 in December and I am definitely going into the nursing career. But because of my financial situation being a tad limited at the time, the route I have chosen to follow is going to my LPN first then after tackling the transitional program. I am hoping to start at Atlantic Tech Center in Jan. Or maybe one of its sister schools (McFatter, Sheridan). The Nursing career has been in my family for some time now, and I am fully convinced it is the route I am taking.

I am focused, I study my hardest and work my hardest at everything I do and I believe I can handle the beast that is RN school. But the reason I made this thread more importantly. Is to humbly ask for any tips, points of view or perspectives I should know or have before I start school. No matter how small, big, wacky the tip might be I would love to hear it. Because the more I know before going in, the less I think I will be surprised about. After all knowledge is power?

My family has told me some things but it seems rather one sided to their point of view. So I would simply like others now. Thanks again, ill be sure to read and reply to all to have a say.


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