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Well, I called the people at Har-Ber Nursing school, and the lady told me that she recemmended me to take general studies course in college and science ebfore I decide to take upon Nursing school..I never went to college and have been a stay at home mom for over 5 years now....She is still sending me some papers about their program and stuff about financial aid too..we are still looking into a pel grant, but would you all take these college courses before you went to nursing school or for those of you who are nurses, did you have to do this??..I am going to do what it takes to accomplish my goal..I am soo pumped about being a nurse someday and I don't care if it takes me 10 more years.....


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Yes I too was a stay at home mom for 9 years... I took all my generals, A & P I and II, Organic & Bio, English Comp., Chemistry, and Psy, and Sociology, Math, Humanities. I am going into the program this fall, and just taking Nursing and my P.E.

You don't want to be overloaded, especially if you are the kind of Mom that I am, that is my full-time job, running them to practice, and games. I would recommend it to everyone, to get your generals out of the way, especially if you are the NON-TRADITIONAL STUDENT...HAHAHA Keep a goal in mind, and remember your dreams... I have a really good friend that I am always calling and we are in the program together... you will meet a lot of interesting people and support groups i.e. other Moms that are going back to school to get their degree as well...

I didnot think that we could afford for me to go back, but the Financial Aid Office was a great help to us, they should help you get things rolling for the fall.

Also you are showing your Children that you really want something, and setting a good example for them. My kids and husband are really proud of me and that I am doing this, I know there are days that I am not fun to live with, but remember this soon will pass, and it will all be worth it one day.



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I suggest taking the prereques at a community college. I took all mine online. That saves money for nursing school and a grant easily covers community college.

BTW I have never had a prospective employer ask what school I went to or my GPA. It was always "Do you have a liscense? Do you have a pulse?"

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Make sure that your future nursing school recognizes the courses as transferable though. It's bad to find that out the hard way. I like the idea of starting out with general courses. Then you can get used to being a student before you get into the nitty gritty of things. Good luck!


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Take the prereqs. before you enter the nursing program, it will take all of your time just doing the nursing courses. If all the other stuff is out of the way, you can concentrate on the nursing. In order to make sure you are taking the right courses, to satisfy the general educ. requirements of your particular program, make sure you review a school manual, that lists the requirements for graduation in the nursing program in your particular school. The course manual is your bible, also ask this particular guidance counselor to set up a plan for you to show you how your courses will go, when you will take them, to make sure that all the courses are done and planned for. This calendar will then help you to plan your coursework and give you an estimate as to how much time it may take you to reach your goal. Good Luck!!! JoeNP


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I agree with the others to take the prereqs as that will give you an idea on what you'll be in for,

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