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I need to interview RNs for my midterm.. help..



My name is Su Bin.

I'm currently trying to write a miterm interview report for my english class, and I'm trying to interview a RN.

I've tried to interview the RN I work for, but she's been out sick.

If you could, could you answer these questions please?

- What is your name?

- How many years have you been a RN?

- What types of jobs are available for RN?

- Who are the potential employers?

- Difference between shifts?

- What are the career opportunities?

- What are the differences between ADN and BSN?

- What are your opinions on ADN and BSN?

- What's the average salary for RNs?

- What are your opinions on RNs?

- Opinion on nursing schools (ADN and BSN)?

- Any other comments about being an RN?

Thank you.

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