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I need some information


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My name is Sarah, I am currently a 3rd year nursing student. I pass the Renal Services center each day I am on my med-surg unit... and I always wonder what goes on in Renal Services, what kind of nursing it is and what it involves. My school does not offer positions to do clinical in renal services nor preceptor there, I was wondering if it is a suitable place for a new grad... since, all 48 of us will not end up in med-surg.

Thank you in advance for your responses!

If you have gone through various rotations, e.g. OB/GYN, psych, etc. is there a particular area that you like? Not working directly in a hospital, I would guess that the Renal Services, as it sounds, would be anything related to kidney disease, surgery, etc... also, some hospitals have their own dialysis unit, but, from recall, they are few and far between. Might just be a good idea to stop in and ask to speak with the charge RN and ask your questions. Most management staff welcome questions from new grads etc.. They might be willing to have you join their team.. Don't know until you ask :):)


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Hi, Thankyou for your reply. I was actually on my last day of my surgical rotation, and on my lunch I walked over to renal services and asked for the manager :) She was extremely nice and answered all of my questions. She even told me that she would contact my school and set up something like a week of clinical experience in renal services :) SO, not only will I be there.. but I will be able to practice too!!!!

I am in a new hospital (Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Clinic.. and we have a renal services unit, something that the old hospital did not have, people used to have to drive to Vancouver, BC from the Valley for dialysis :)

Again thankyou for your reply :)

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Is it a dialysis unit for chronic hemodialysis patients? Or an in-patient dialysis unit? Or a floor in the hospital?