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I need info on Bakersfield College LVN to RN program.

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So I heard that the waiting list at bakersfield college is not that long. Actually, my coworker said he only waited like one semester to get in. Anyways, since I will be working full-time monday-friday I would like to know what is the class schedule is like? I know SJVC in Vasalia is one day classroom and one day clinical a week. That would work out perfect for me, but if I can save some money then that would be cool.

Does anyone know what the class schedule is like for bakersfield college?

Also, SJVC requires Human anatomy and Human physiology which is both posted separately on their website, but bakersfield college requires Human anatomy/physiology (together) 1 and 2. If I take human anatomy/physiology (together) 1&2 would that be credited at sjvc who has it posted separately just in case i decide to go with sjvc?

I am already a LVN and basically need to start from scratch with my prereqs for the lvn to rn program, with that said I am still motivated to go forward with it. ANy other info that helps me would be appreciated.

thank you !!!!!!!!!!

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I know that CSUB does allow the combined A & P classes from Bakersfield College to meet their prerequisites (Anatomy and Physiology seperate) for their BSN program. Also Bakersfield College will accept the seperate Anatomy and Physiology, as long is it is not a single semester course ( it must be 2 seperate classes), they have just combined the courses they teach.

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