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I am a nursing student and am attending my clinical rotation for psych this semester. During this half of the semester we have to conduct therapeutic and med education groups. It's my groups turn to have the med education group. We will be teaching our group about antidepressants. We are going to present the info so that the patients will learn but our dilemma is that we need an idea that will evaluate if they have learned the information that we are presenting. Something creative that will get them involved. I cannot think of anything right now. If anyone out there can help me I would greatly appreciate any of your ideas. Thank you!:)


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Okay....this might sound totally cheesy -- but what about a Jeopardy game with prizes (snack size candy bars or sodas). Divide the group in half and go with two teams -- anyone on the team can shout out the answer.


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We also had to do a teaching presentation during Psych. We used a simple True/False quiz after the presentation.

The patients seemed to enjoy it and anyone could asnswer the quiz questions. We kept it simple and used true false to furthur simplify it. I would suggest 8-10 questions.


It is important that you take your antidepressant medications on a regular basis. True

Antidepressants can take several weeks to begin to work. True

As they answer each one, you can breifly explain why the answer is true or false.

Such as: Most antidepressants do take several weeks to begin to work, so it is important to continue taking them, even if it seems they are not helping.

Good Luck with the project, I loved Psych! JJ


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I like the idea about the game and prizes too, something that will promote their interest and get the interaction going will make it more fun.

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Another vote for jeopardy. I like the interactive and laid back atmosphere it would promote. This should be made to be fun.

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