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I need Help! Unexpected change in plans, need to find school now!!


Hi, new here. I live in southern New Hampshire and am one week away from my final and getting my ADN. My clinical instructor failed me last week, I already appealed and it was denied. I don't want to be set back a whole year and I eventually want a BSN. I am so confused when looking at other schools, I don't know what my best option is. Originally I was going to finish up my ADN and immediately move on to an accelerated online RN to BSN program. I have much more than I need to get into an LPN to BSN and obviously not enough to get into an RN to BSN. If I transfer to a traditional BSN, I'm not sure how much I will lose, and there aren't any within a reasonable daily driving distance (and super expensive!) I can't stand the thought of just waiting around until next spring semester.

Any ideas? I'm not able to say too many more details, as I might want to take this further up. I don't want to say what school or what happened in clinical.

Thank you so much! :)

Maybe I should switch this to the nursing student assistance board. Still looking for advice!


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I'm sorry but it's really hard to give advice when we don't know more about your situation. You can certainly look into a traditional BSN program but keep in mind that in nursing school, not all credits transfer. It all depends on the program. Many BSN programs have wait lists and are competitive in terms of admission. You may not be able to find a program as quickly as you'd like.

You might want to check out some of the threads on Distance Learning for Nurses. You might be able to get into Excelsior to get your ADN.

My best suggestion would be to talk to an advisor at your school and maybe one at the school at which you're thinking of applying. They can give you much better advice than we can and you would not have to worry about saying too much about your personal situation.

I hope it all works out for you.