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I need help!!!!!!Transfer from Delgado Charity Nursing School


Hi, everyone.

I just got accepted into Delgado Charity Nursing School for Fall 2015. It took me a lot of effort and money to get into Charity. I'm so excited and also nervous because I don't know if I'm gonna to do well in Charity. However, for some personal reasons and family issues, I may have to move to Missouri next year. I'm so sad now because I really, really want to be a registered nurse, and Charity is one of the best nursing school. The big question I have right now is that if there is any nursing school in Missouri would accept transfer credits from Delgado as well as Charity so that I don't have to repeat all the prerequisite courses for RN program. Also I'm looking for a nursing school in Saint Louis-Missouri with affordable tuition fee like Charity. If anyone has any information about that, please...please let me know as soon as possible. I appreciate all your help.

Thank you,


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Sorry to hear you will have to move. I am also going to charity in the fall. I lived in Missouri for 4 years!

I really want to finish my nursing program in Charity. I already spent a lot of money for the background check+ blood titers+ vaccination+ uniform....By any chance, do you know any nursing school in Saint Louis-Missouri that offers RN program with affordable tuition fees?

No unfortunately I don't. Have you joined the fall class Facebook page

Not yet. I saw that we just had only 30 members so far. I hope there will be more members. I would recommend we create a closed group so only members can see what we post in there.