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I need some help

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Hi! I'm a newly registered nurse in the Philippines no experience yet, I was thinking of applying to NCLEX to work in US but I don't want to apply in any state yet I just want to do the NCLEX then after get the experience needed to go abroad. Will that be possible? Because they say that in order to take NCLEX the first step is to apply to a state in order to get the ATT.

and is it true that the validity for NCLEX is 3 yrs but when you pair it with IELTS it becomes 5?

That's interesting. I've never heard of extending the nclex validity by pairing it with ielts. I think you have to choose a state because each state has it's own set of rules, different requirements, etc. Texas for example requires you to take a nursing jurisprudence exam.

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You must apply to a state first and meet requirements before being allowed to sit NCLEX. If pass NCLEX then it doesn't expire although if you haven't nursed for several years when applying to state they may ask you to either resist exam or do a refresher course. It is usually license or application that has a time spam but if license issued you can keep it active by completing any requirements like continued eduction and paying any applicable fees